Teamwork is Important to Us


Successful teamwork between parents and educators is important to us because it reflects on the child's development.


We believe in teamwork at Goomer Academy.  There is constant interaction between parents and educators as we plan excursions, common activities, and parties.


Your Feedback on Yelp:


I would strongly recommend Goomer academy. My daughter stayed in Goomer for 3.5 years, starting from 2 years old. During the 3.5 years I saw her grown up and made progress everyday  because of Goomer. She learned speaking, writing, calculating, teaming with other kids, disciplined. This is all because of the incredible teachers in there, they are very patient, friendly, and always there when you ask questions, either in phone, email, or in person. My daughter made lots of good friends there. Even now she started K, she always asked me about Goomer.
The summer school is also very fun. She got to see the magic show, bird show, ride with pony, you name it, she just had too much fun and learned so much in there.
Thank you Goomer, will always miss you.  

Yang L


I am so lucky to find this place.  I usually don't write reviews but I think this review is critical.  My daughter went to Goomer's since she was 3 years old and I can't believe the progress she has made in last 2 years.  She has done more science experiments than I can remember and she is already reading and off-course writing.  I love to read her weekend reports and it motivates me to spend more time with her.  Keep up the Great Work Goomer Academy!


Brandon F


My son went to Goomer Academy 6 years ago and graduated 3 years ago, and my younger daughter started 3 years ago and graduated this June. I think it's time for me to write my review for my experience over the last 6 years. The owner of the school is very patient and knowledgeable about kids education. Both of my kids were very happy going to school every day, and they had themed summer program to make the learning more fun. In addition to all the fun activities they had, they also learned a lot. I couldn't recommend this school more for your toddlers.


Xin L


Goomer is a wonderful start to your child's education. All the staff are friendly, informative and helpful. My son Mason went there for his preschool before kindergarten. My son enjoyed all the school amenities and activities. I will definitely enroll my kids in the future and recommend to family and friends.  Tuition is affordable and schedule for days are very flexible. I also loved it's in safe environment for pick up and drop off and gated so your children are safe and monitored well.


Ranielle M


My younger daughter attended preschool from Jan-2016 through Dec 31-2016 (M-F - whole day program) before transitioning to a private school. Goomer Academy was well recommended by my close friends - their kids attended prechool program and had wonderful overall experience. My experience resonates with my friends 100%. 

Here is a list of items I liked about Goomer. 

- It is a truly a happy place where my child thrived and looked forward to stay longer than the school hours. In fact at the end of a tough day at work, teachers' smiling faces brought a smile on my face (happened many times). I felt personally connected. 
- ALL teachers are nice. Not a single time I noticed unhappiness on their faces. If they disagree with my observations or findings, they pointed out in a positive way. 
- Diverse demographics. 
- I see some reviewers mentioned about uncleanness. Inside the classroom teachers follow strict hygiene. 
- I had direct interactions with Ms. Deepti, Ms. Katie, Ms. Cherry and Ms. Solemn (possibly misspelled!) and they were all professional; completely opposite of what one of the negative reviews indicated. If I had something I did not like and mentioned it directly to the teachers, my concerns were addressed and resolved directly. 
- My 10 year-old badly wanted to go after school just because everyone looked happy and she always felt welcomed there. 
- Great summer school program with fantastic fun shows. 
- Good quality food and at times when my child was late due to scheduled appointments (informed beforehand about the delay), they ensured her lunch was saved when she arrived. I never had to worry about food for my daughter. 

Once could argue about not having state of the art outdoor toys in the facility, I feel the facility is equipped with adequate outdoor play items/structure to keep children engaged. 

Perhaps I am old school, but I feel in early years children need genuine love, encouragement and positive environment to feel secured and learn basics (through activities and traditional curriculum etc.) more than shiny-off-the-shelf toys. Money can buy toys, but the peace of mind (and trust) I had was PRICELESS.


Food L


Yesterday, at a birthday party, there are parents (of my son's classmates, he is kinder now) ask me where he went to preschool as he is so well prepared for the school academically. This is not the first time I got such compliments.  He attended goomer since he was 2 years and 10 months and really learned a lot. . Teachers are very caring and very nice. Highly recommend it.


T. L


For those working families working full time to make ends meet due to the crazy Bay Area cost of living, one of the most important and scary decisions you will make in your life is where to send your little one to daycare / preschool.  Obviously you would want the best for your child so closing your eyes and selecting a school is definitely not an option.  We spent three whole months looking at schools (around 8) before finally deciding on Goomer Academy.  Let me talk about some of the key factors here:

1) The acclimation period
If you have no experience with daycare, you have to know that the acclimation period will make you feel like the worst parent ever.  During this period, your child will cry and bawl their eyes out because you "left them".  When you go pick them up, they will still be mad at you, but realize its for their own good.  HOWEVER!!  You are encouraged to hang out in the lobby to watch your kid from a window (and hear him cry).  When your child goes to play, you have to hide behind a desk (lol) so they don't see you.  In addition, they also have cameras which you can view to see how your child is doing and progressing.  What this shows is that Goomer has nothing to hide and fully welcomes you to be part of the experience.

2) Teachers and environment
The teachers here are so wonderful.  They give each and every child here so much love and it clearly shows.  They are very patient and my child loves them.  During the acclimation period, I saw how they treated my son and it made me feel very warm inside.  When I pick up my child, my child gives each one if them a high five, a big hug, and maybe kiss.  My son also gets along with all the other kids.

3) The "curriculum"
My son almost comes home everyday with new words!!  The flavor of this week is the happy birthday song (which my son goes, "Happy Birthday You You You!!")  No complaints here.

4) The Facility
Yes the playground is a bit small, but I do not mind too much.

My parting thoughts is that this is a wonderful daycare / preschool for my son.  When I have my second child, he/she will definitely be going to this facility!


Penpen W


A little more than two years ago I was looking for a preschool for my daughter with the following criteria:

-Must be in Evergreen
-Drop off on or before 7:50am
-Offer half day program two days a week when she was 3 yrs old and half day 5 days a week when she turned 4.
-Reasonably priced  

I was having such a hard time finding a good school that offered what I needed. As I left a disappointing tour at a nearby preschool, I randomly pulled into Goomer Academy on a whim. I walked in and immediately Ms. Deepti welcomed me, gave me a tour, and wowed me with how organized, clean, friendly, and academic her preschool was. When I saw all the programs and times offered I was sold! This school wasn't even on my original list, so I was glad something told me to pull into that driveway, maybe it was fate!

In the last two years my daughter has never complained about anything here. She loves her teachers, especially the ones she has now in pre-k. My daughter has made so many friends, has learned so much, and is over prepared to enter kindergarten. I have a friend who is a kindergarten teacher and when I told her what my daughter was learning in preschool she said, "Wow, we don't even teach that in kinder!" 

Ms. Deepti Goomer is the owner and runs a tight ship over there. She does a great job managing her team. She is very hands on in the classrooms and is always looking for ways to improve and evolve. She is a highly educated woman who has two bright daughters of her own whom I've met at a couple of the events. Ms. Katie, who helps Deepti run Goomer, is also awesome! She has such a good sense of humor and a way with people. She is really down to earth and has a great rapport with the parents and kids. She also styles my daughter's hair really nicely, better than I ever could!

Goomer offers the perfect blend of fun, creativity, and academics. I love the songs my daughter learns and sings for us at home. She's learned Chinese, Indian, and Spanish songs as well! Her class practices meditation, they learn sign language, and the school has a variety of parades, concerts, and social events for the families to attend throughout the school year. This preschool has a diverse group of students and staff and the teaching reflects that. 

My husband and I are teachers in the Evergreen School District, and I know four other fellow Evergreen teachers whose children attended Goomer with my daughter as well. There is something to be said for educators choosing to send their own kids to this school. 

My daughter graduates on Friday. I waited until the end of her two years here to write a review so it can be thorough and encompass our whole experience. I definitely recommend this school. I agonized over choosing the right school, and I know many other parents do too. I hope this review helps those parents out there who were like me, scouring the internet looking to find the right school for their child. We got lucky finding Goomer Academy, and I hope you are as fortunate as us in finding that perfect school for your child.


Annie W


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